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Why Transfer Factor Plus Boost Immunity Best, But Not Vitamin

Dr. Gerald Coy, Founder of the CHER Foundation: "Healing is not done with drugs, but with a body that is functioning optimally. No matter what the health condition is, doctors do not heal, drugs do not heal and neither do supplements. Drugs are toxic and many times do more damage than the help they try to offer. In AIDS or HIV infection we are talking about a viral invasion to the body, a lot more serious than a cold, but in many ways the same principle. One needs to realize that only the body heals and the role of the doctor is not to heal, but to aid the body in healing. The best supplemental help this doctor has seen is transfer factor. This supplement offers the best immune boosting ability of any product known. It has scientifically based increases in the NK cells that are better than some of the toxic drugs used in medicine. Anyone with a serious illness, especially AIDS should be sure they are taking a lot of this product."

That should really answer the question about whether or not you should take transfer factor.

But to go over all of those who should take it: CHILDREN; all children should take transfer factor since they are building their immune systems as they develop their bodies. There are those who feel a child should be vaccinated against all diseases, and those who do not believe this procedure is a natural or healthy one and prefer their children not be vaccinated.

This article is not to discuss that aspect of health care but to simply bring about the awareness of using transfer factor in either case.
For those who are not vaccinated, this supplement will help boost the immune system to naturally help the body with its battle with the environment. For those who who do have the vaccinations, this too can help in dealing with the toxic effects that might come from that procedure.

Either way, this is a safe and natural way to help protect your kids and help them to have a stronger immune system. Many parents like to increase the dosages when they know there are times of stress; such as when the kids are going back to school and there is greater exposure, or "flu season" or when there is more pollen in the air and the child might have a sensitivity to their environment.

For the average person, what better way to stay healthy and prevent disease than to build your immune system. Each day taking this supplement can help do just that. Then there are times of stress or when we have been exposed and run down or you have just been so exhausted that you find yourself getting the sniffles or your body is feeing a little feverish.
This might be a good time to even increase the intake of your immune booster. There are many people who find they overcome the annoyance of different minor conditions by doing just that.

Then there are those who have serious illnesses and those who are fighting for their lives. MDs are giving them more and more powerful drugs that help "kill" the infection or change the symptoms and along with this cause side-effects that sometimes are worse that the original condition. But the good thing about Transfer Factor is that it is a natural product.
Those who might be following the doctors' suggestions and taking strong medications, chemotherapy, or other destructive protocols may well overcome the side effects better with a stronger immune system. Most MDs do not know anything about Transfer Factor because it is not sold by their drug companies, therefore in their narrow minds cannot do any good.

But this is where the patient must step in and help themselves. Do not let the ignorance of your physician limit the benefits that you can have from natural products.
It is sad when you think of someone who is fighting for their lives and they end up not dying from the disease such as cancer, but from an infection or secondary disease caused by the weakening of the body from all of the treatment to "kill the cancer", or other serious diseases.
Does it not make more sense to "build the body"?

Then there is the elderly who are taking too much medication for every little symptom that can be found and in older age there are a lot of aches and pains, and mis-beats of the heart, can a little blockage here or there, because the body is beginning to break down. There may be some need for the medications, but generally a lot less than they are taking.
They are a walking chemistry factory and many of them are doing more harm to their livers and kidneys than the benefits of the symptomatic changes that are offered by the drugs. Taking Transfer Factor helps to rebuild some of the lost immunity that comes with aging.

Nothing can be more valuable to the older person than this assistance.
There is a group that cannot take Transfer Factor because they have to suppress their immune system and that is those who have had a transplant in their body. This is foreign tissue that the body would reject because it is not recognized. This is why those who have had transplants will take "immune suppressant drugs the rest of their lives.
You may be taking vitamins, or drinking Noni Jiuce or Mona Vie or other of the latest in product that will give you a miracle cure. All of these have value and this is not to discourage you taking your Vitamin C or your Co-Q10 or any other product that you feel is benefiting you, but there is nothing like Transfer Factor and nothing builds the immunity as well as this one product. Look at the facts and look at the research and you will see how beneficial this is for your health.

The CHER Foundation that brings you this information is a public charity dedicated to public education about natural health and to help the public become aware of those things that will assist them in living a longer and healthier life. You can get more information through the websites of the Foundation.

In case you have any inquiries with regards to wherever and also how you can use 4life transfer factor indonesia, it is possible to contact us at our site.
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