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Is it true that my dog ​​should be sedated to travel by plane?

If you plan to travel to New York soon and would like to take your dog with you, but the hotel where you are going to stay does not accept dogs, or, someday you want to go out in the night or you will spend many hours visiting the tourist places of the Big Apple and you would not like to leave your dog alone so many hours, do not worry that we are going to give you some dog hotel recommendations so that both can enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

Remember that D Pet Hotels Chelsea

Located in Chelsea, in the heart of Manhattan, this hotel has everything you and your dog could dream about: spacious rooms, gym, spa, beauty salon, nursery, playground and even chef and driver to pamper your dog.

New York Dog Spa & Hotel

Very close to the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park, this hotel is famous for its excellent aesthetic service and for having nursery, training sessions and a large boutique. They have different packages and even offer discounts if you have more than two dogs.

Camp Canine

If you are staying on the Upper West Side, then this is the option, either for your dog to go to the nursery for a while or to stay overnight. If you're staying 10 blocks around this place, they go through your dog and return it.

Cheeky Dog Doggie Daycare

If you will stay in Brooklyn, specifically in the DUMBO area, then this is the hotel for dogs that you need. They have daycare, hotel, aesthetics, training and also dog walkers, so they adapt to your needs and those of your beloved dog.

NY Tails

This is one of the spoiled services for people who stay or live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It offers daycare, hotel, walking service (both group and individual) and, in case you do not want to leave your dog there, they can go to your house or hotel as nannies for your dog.

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